What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

If you need cryptocurrency, for example Bitcoin, then you need a personal address to receive cryptocurrency there. This address is personal and unique and is similar to an e-mail address except that this is your Bitcoin address.

The comparisons between this Bitcoin address and e-mail do not end there, both these addresses are known to other users and anyone can send content to them, namely Bitcoin or e-mail.

If then you want to log in to your Bitcoin address then you need a Bitcoin client, just as you would need a program like Gmail or Outlook to access your email address.

To connect to your Bitcoin address, in the client program you need to enter your Bitcoin address and a private key, just as you would need your username and password to connect to your email address .

When storing Bitcoin or crypto-currencies, it is therefore important to keep your address and private key securely. Some people do not hesitate to write them down manually on paper, other people use to save them in an encrypted file on their computer for the same purpose and there are also specialized websites that allow users to keep private and public keys. for them, it is those which one calls wallets (portfolios).

To date, most programs dedicated to this purpose for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users act as both clients and wallets. One example among many others, blockchain.info makes it possible to record public information (addresses, transaction register),private keys, and also allows sending Bitcoin transactions.

You now know what Bitcoin wallets and cryptocurrency wallets are!