Wallet Swap Airdrop Coin Token Contract Address Crypto

Wallet Swap Contract Address

Wallet Swap Airdrop Coin Token Contract Address Crypto

Wallet Swap Token (WSWAP) is a the native currency of the Wallet Swap Platform. It is a BEP20 Binance Smart Chain token.

The Wallet Swap platform is described as a secure and advance cryptocurrency wallet crafted for simplicity.

As at the time of writing, the Wallet Swap contract address is not yet out. What is going on presently is a presale and airdrop.

According to the Wallet Swap official website at wswap.site listing of the token on Pancakeswap will be done between 1st August to 3rd August 2021.


What is Wallet Swap?

According to the project’s website, WalletSwap is a decentralized mobile wallet which allows users to buy, store and exchange Binance and Ethereum tokens directly from their mobile device.

WSWAP is the preferred token which will be used for staking, governance, paying transaction fees and gaining eligibility in the Wallet Swap launch pool.

  • Users will be able to stake & harvest WSWAP directly from their Wallet Swap app and earn crypto rewards.
  • WSWAP token holders will be the main force behind company decisions and submit their vote on any new developments.
  • WSWAP token holders will be able to use WSWAP to pay for swap and transaction fees on the Mobile Wallet.
  • WSWAP token holders will be eligible to participate in WalletSwap coin launch pools.


Beware of Scam Wallet Swap Contract Addresses

Unfortunately, however, scam copycat wallet addresses and tokens have been created and sadly many people are falling for it.

One of such scam contract addresses is

[SCAM] 0xc72cc401122dbdc812ec88a2150aad5a39467401   [SCAM]

The above is a scam contract address please don’t buy from it because you will not be able to sell back the tokens.

We will try to update this post with the correct contract address when it is released. But for now you can check here for how to get the Wallet Swap Airdrop or participate in their presale.