PC Case Modding – Pimp Your Desktop Computer Case

Would you like to give your PC case a new, individual look? On this page you will get to know the basics of case modding and get an overview of the respective components and how you can adapt them to your taste.

Case modding – from boring computer cases to impressive show cases

Gone are the days when the computer case was only used to store the required hardware. For many years, the PC case has evolved into a kind of design and art object, which reflects the very individual style of the gamer through the clever use of different elements.

PC cases can be modified individually and equipped with hardware according to your own requirements. The independent modification of the housing is called “case modding “, in which the interior is supplemented, changed and adapted according to your own ideas. This includes purely visual as well as performance-oriented changes .

What Can I Mod in a PC?

In addition to the housing case itself, the individual components inside can also be “pimped” in terms of their appearance. This applies in particular to:

graphic card
Case fan
water cooler
random access memory
power adapter

What should you watch out for at the start ?

Before you begin with the modding, it is important that you consider certains things beforehand.

Inform yourself well about the respective components that you want to install. Because not every housing fits every component. In order to find out which components fit your case type, it is essential to know what form factor it has.

Casings with a glass front offer a fascinating insight

Plexiglass components are used so that the inside of the computer can be seen. The window then gives you an unobstructed view of the hardware inside. But there are also cases that are made entirely of Plexiglas. These then make the entire inner workings of the computer visible and in this way create a unique look.

The focus of case modding is always on the unique design of the PC. It doesn’t always have to be plexiglass, there are many other eye-catching materials that are interesting.

Cable and hard disk management – ensure a tidy look

What is the best way to keep things tidy in the case? This is how you do it better:

Double rear wall : You can avoid cable clutter in the visible area by laying the cables behind a second rear wall
Cover for the power supply unit : With the matching power supply unit cover, you can simply hide your power supply unit and thus achieve a tidy look
Modular power supply : With the help of modular power supplies , thick cables can be avoided
Cable sleeving : These are usually made of polyester cable sheathing (Sleeves) and not only ensure a proper cable management, but can also be visually appealing compared to ugly exposed cables.

Light Modding – let your case shine brightly

Now we come to the most interesting part of case modding: light modding. Light modding is one of the most exciting trends of recent years and refers to using lights in the design of the PC cases and components. With the help of a perfectly coordinated lighting system, you can put your casing in the limelight.

Light modding nowadays includes almost all components – the possibilities are almost unlimited. It is a popular and easy way to give your PC a very individual appearance and make it fit perfectly in the gaming world if you are a gamer or tech nerd.

RGB LED strips

These offer a simple and inexpensive way to let a colorless housing shine brightly. In order to set accents within the housing, LED light spots are also available.


Graphic card

You can give a traditional graphics card a new look by placing it in a lighted graphics card holder . The connection cables of the card can also be pimped with stylish sleeves.

If you want to give your graphics card a very individual touch, you can also paint it or provide it with special coatings and adhesive foils. Here you must be careful not to do it excessively because it could affect the thermal conducting properties of the card.

When choosing a new graphics card with LED support, it is important that it fits perfectly into the overall picture of the setup. So not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of appearance.

FanCase modding: RGB fan

By carefully selecting the case fan, you can mod your system in two different ways. On the one hand you can ensure that your computer works almost noiselessly thanks to a silent fan , on the other hand you can also improve the look. Equipped with integrated lighting at the factory or upgraded with LED strips afterwards – an RGB fan makes a difference and can skillfully put the housing in the limelight.

Water cooler

With special color pigments, the coolant of a water cooling system can be colored as desired. When light hits these circulating color pigments, they fluoresce in a fascinating manner . It is also possible to equip the hoses with UV lights.

Random Access Memory

For a long time there has been RGB-RAM, which has its own LED lighting and thus draws attention to itself with great light effects inside the housing.
But not only the lighting, but also the shape of the memory can mean the difference between a good mod and an average mod.

Select accessories & peripherals that match the setup

In order for your complete gaming setup to give a harmonious overall appearance then in addition to a stylish gaming monitor, the peripherals and accessories should also be adapted to your individual look . The peripheral devices in particular play a role here:

RGB keyboards
RGB mice and mouse pads
Gaming headsets

The gaming chair as well as the general room lighting play an important role in the design of a perfectly coordinated gaming setup .

Chic prefabricated housing vs. self-made brand

There are now a large number of gaming cases and gaming complete PCs that are already equipped with all important features and works. You get a system that is technically and optically perfectly coordinated. If you are not the hobbyist type and want to get started right away, such a complete housing could be the right choice for you.

Can it be extraordinary?

However, instead of going the conventional way and buying an empty PC case to fill it with hardware, modding enthusiasts use very idiosyncratic replacement cases.

So it can happen that a microwave or washing machine is converted into a computer case or unusual materials such as wood are used.

It becomes even more individual if you have custom-made parts for the new housing created by a 3D printer .

Which case modding tools are needed?

Like the do-it-yourselfer, the case modder also needs – depending on the degree of difficulty and requirements – an arsenal of different tools – the modding tools. Some of the most commonly used Modding Tools include:

RGB LED strips
Screwdriver for assembling components
Folding rule / ruler for measuring
Glue gun, scissors, squeegee, cutter knife for gluing and foiling work
Safety glasses, sandpaper, if necessary painter’s tape & stencils, spray can (alternatively: brush, sponge and / or painter’s roller and paint)
Metal scissors, hacksaws, files for working metal
Optional for individualists: 3D printer



NZXT: The case modding specialists

NZXT is a well known brand name in the Case modding world because they develop many cool tools and modded bits.

The NZXT portfolio is designed for modding and ranges from elegant high-end complete PCs and soundproofed ultra-silent housings to extravagantly styled modding PCs and high-flow cases for overclockers. With the products from NZXT, design and aesthetics play an important role.

Conclusion: Case modding – a great hobby for enthusiasts and hobbyists

There are many possibilities with PC modding and there are no limits to creativity . For many, this is Modde n the PC into a real hobby become – because behind an attractive gaming system puts always a large portion of work and a lot of love for m detail. A great hobby for anyone who wants to get more out of their PC and has fun doing handicrafts.