Minereum BSC Contract Address (MNEB)

Minereum BSC Token ($MNEB) Contract Address

Minereum BSC Contract Address


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Transcription (Autogenerated):

what makes Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

go up in value isn’t it hype or is there

real value I think it’s a bit of

everything you mentioned hype which is

kind of the news flow in the headline

and media coverage

it certainly has got a fair amount of

that recently what’s also happening is

it’s a supply and demand and essentially

we have something that’s pretty small

but quite potentially the future and

then we have a very bloated in

indigested old man fiat currency that

has to leak out a lot of its PS into the

new exchange system so I think we’re in

a transition and as a result there’s a

wall of money and whenever you have a

wall of money in the demand area you get

these extremely volatile but generally

upward moving markets that doesn’t mean

the wall of money is always coming in at

always the same rate and it doesn’t mean

that perception of valuation doesn’t get

overextended so it’s quite feasible that

we are quite overextended in perception

of over-over valuation in terms of how

far the technology and the proliferation

has got but there is still scope for us

to become more so in the longer run that

we will have to align with practical use

proliferation and there will be a

balancing off so I think while there’s a

wall of money you you don’t want to be

out of the game so are we experiencing a

cryptocurrency rush is this a bit like

the dot-com bubble or so interesting

analogy it’s an interesting analogy I

avoid the word bubble so the tulip mania

was a bubble so I differentiate I think

bubble is a bit of an annoying phrase

that gets over utilized tulip mania was

a bubble essentially you win from

something that was worth you know very

few fraction of a few guilders it went

to the moon and went all the way back

down to what it was before and in some

certain colors of bulb it means a little

lower than it was before

so that was just a flash in a pan that


dot-com slightly interesting essentially

we there was a lot of businesses that

got listed for which there was not a

great deal to them in other words the

you know Bridal kombu com

they were a business plan an idea about

a website and then selling all the

wedding dresses of the world nothing

didn’t happen but out of that error and

the internet we totally changed how we

go about doing business it was a key

pivotal moments I mean Amazon has 42% of

US retail now people were telling you to

short Amazon throughout the dot-com boom

they never made a profit he just took

all his money and reinvested reinvested

he now owns a massive slice of online

retail and is a unicorn company that

traded through $1,000 not so long ago

sure it may sell off in any tech

sell-off and may still have quite some

way but that company is not going away

and has changed retail then you’ve got

the the googles and the Netflix and all

of these elements that came out Cisco

they were slightly on the hardware side

there are companies that have done tens

of hundreds of percents appreciation and

there’s in a whole new way of doing


so I do think there is a parallel to the

dot-com that doesn’t mean it’s all of a

bubble as in it’ll just go back and

disappear and go away like nothing ever

happens I think there’s high for

valuation there so you have to

acknowledge that the money sometimes

gets ahead of the delivery aspect for a

while and you will have a reset back but

then eventually you know those changes

are coming


yeah ninety billion is a juicy market

cap and the case is it’s accurate if

that’s what the market says it is so

this is a case of where there isn’t easy

mannerism for valuation if the amount of

money that is moving in bids it up to

that level then that’s because of that

money that is entering into the system

so it’s a balancing of supply and demand

however if a lot of that money is only

coming in for the speculative bigger

idiot narrative when things go bad a lot

of it could exit and would be an you

know be birds in essence and be scared


so if valuation is a bit of a tenuous

discussion in such an early industry in

the same way how did we value Amazon

have never made any profit initially but

it just kept taking that revenue and

reinvesting it in owning industries so

it’s a bit of a tough one do people use

the currency for anything other than

speculation a good question because

that’s going to be the sustainability I

think initially the bulk of the people

are the store of a store of appreciation

value hopefully for them in other words

it’s a capital appreciation Damon a lot

of them are getting in it some people do

buy their cannabis maybe all other

aspects certain people that have you

know when Silk Road used to exist

Bitcoin was the the medium of exchange

and it was you know supposedly

untrackable etc so there have been

purchases made Bitcoin has got a real

legitimate you know you take payment

some of the others as yet best case is

yet to be made and so people are

transacting in the point for items and

it is expanding in the others I think

it’s the case is still to be made