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Common Crypto Terms

Video Transcript (Autogenerated):

hello folks you have reached the

cryptocurrency portal and today we’re

going to go over some top crypto terms

that you should know so this could be

just for beginners if you’ve been here

before you already know what a lot of

these terms are but for beginners that

don’t know and they come into the space

and you know as we’ve been talking about

on this channel there’s more and more on

and off ramps so more and more people

over time are going to be getting into

the space and when they get in the space

you do want to help them understand the

space so they don’t just throw up their

arms say it’s too complicated and don’t

even attempt to understand the

marketplace so it’s great that we have

web sites out there to help them we have

more on and off ramps and exchanges we

have more more out YouTube creators and

content providers that some or and more

people get in the space they’ll have

places to undergo – to understand the

space even more so they don’t get lost

so let’s go through some of these top 25

crypto terms so they’re like it says

there’s a lot of crypto lingo out there

whether you’re seasoned vet or new to

the game here’s a list of the top crypto

currency terms worth knowing now the

first one is Hodel it’s the big one of

all 25 and it’s the act of holding on to

a coin for the long term instead of

selling it and it’s made famous by an

epic post which they link to there’s

some cursing on that link so I’m not

going to go to it but the bottom line is

that Hodel essentially means hold on for

dear life

what happened was a person was

explaining in the Bitcoin forum that he

was going to hold the coin through all

the ups and downs and he transposed the

L and the D in Steph hold holding it was

Hodel Hotaling so then from there people

just you know we’re having fun with it

creating memes someone even made this

meme here you know from the movie 300


so that’s kind of funny so from there

people just said hey it’s hold on for

dear life so it’s just holding on to

your coins number two

coin every cryptocurrency other than

Bitcoin now long-term I think this is

going to change because this is just how

the market started everybody knows

Bitcoin and new people come in the space

don’t understand there’s more

cryptocurrencies than the Bitcoin you

know when there’s 3000 of them and more

and so over time I bet this term

actually probably will go away because

everyone will just have their own name

versus all everybody other than Bitcoin

being in one bucket but currently all

coin means every cryptocurrency other

than Bitcoin FOMO this is used in life

you see this a lot fear of missing out

this happens when a coin is rising in

value and you’re considering buying at a

high price even though you might be too

late you know people see all the

headlines is this is kind of like the

end of 2017 with Bitcoin when I went to

20,000 dollars per coin and all the

other alt coins um even like XRP went

over $3 so a lot of people see all these

prices and then all of a sudden it’s

hitting the headlines then CNBC and

other news finance and news outlets

start talking about them so people start

said oh I want to invest – the fear of

missing out which is sometimes code for

pot to the top so jomo joy of missing

out this happens when you dodged a

bullet or happy you didn’t buy a coin so

obviously the opposite of FOMO but jomo

5 is moon whenever where everyone wants

their coin to go up and into outer space

you know there’s a you know a lot of

people in this space think their coin is

gonna go from two cents to five hundred

dollars I mean who knows it may happen

over time but yeah it’s what they mean

by moon it’s kind of ridiculous

sometimes but hey that’s the nature of

the space bag holder someone’s holding a

lot of coins and hopes it’ll go up in

the future so remember that when people

start to talk about I just increase my

bags they just add it to their portfolio

coin so a worthless and dead coin

with no real value will kind of keep

skipping that one mostly because just

the cursing but also a lot of people

overuse this term don’t every time they

talk about another coin they don’t like

they just call it the s coin

reality is there are a lot of coins that

are vaporware and probably go away

especially out of those 3000 coins that

are out there I’m sure 99% of them will

go away over time and people say oh 99%

you know that’s probably all happened

because look at what happened with

search engines there were so many search

engines out of the gate back in the late

90s and early 2000s and I’m sure there

are so a lot a lot of them out there

but one essentially survived google is

the dominant one so a lot of you know

the old ones went away like oh so you

know those types dumping downward price

movement or a decision to sell a coin so

that’s just you know just like stock

stocks going down coins going down

dumping dyo are do your own research now

more than anything I would say if you’re

new into the space always dyo are

there’s so many people trying to pump

coins or talk up their coins which is

fine but at the end of the day we’re not

financial advisors I’m not a financial

adviser do your own research and I’ll

invest money in this space that you

think that you can lose if though if the

worst happened Fudd I hear this a lot in

life but especially in the crypto space

Fudd fear uncertainty and doubt so when

you hear a lot of people talking about

other spaces sometimes they just calm

the s coin like we talked about in

number 7 but other people just spread

misinformation and it creates fear

uncertainty and doubt well a super

wealthy trader with a lot of money to

spend and they will unfortunately

manipulate prices which keeps going back

to the point that we always talk about

in this channel that we need regulatory

clarity so then hopefully whales don’t

have as much ability to move prices and

obviously liquidity helps with that too

to spread out the risk over a bunch of

exchanges in people mining the process

of verifying transactions on the

blockchain resulting in rewards also

knows coins for those who lend their

computing power now if you knew this

space I would really suggest that you

Google this one and read more up on this

you understand what mining

but basically you get rewarded with

coins when you help the whole system

overall long number 13 a decision to

hold on to a coin for the long term I

mean it’s just like in stocks when you

hold a long position 14 rect

when a coin goes down sharply and you

have a bad loss you see people you know

do this all the time but you know you

only have the loss when you sell it so

hopefully the people that are quote rect

are just using money that they’re okay

with losing long term no one wants to

lose money but only put money into the

this market that you feel that you can

lose if the worst happened Lambeau the

car that many people want to buy when

they strike it rich this is always cute

and it’s kind of weird but you know I

guess it’s just like when people put a

picture of the next car and their

cubicle at work it just kind of

motivates them I guess but I think

sometimes when people talk about Lambeau

in this space they have this unrealistic

thought that tomorrow it’s gonna go from

two cents to $50 and all of a sudden

they could buy a Lamborghini so will

that happen maybe one day for one of the

coins but the reality is you need to

just kind of hold and wait and only use

money you feel you couldn’t lose and

over the long term if you use cases

prove themselves out some of these coins

out of the 3,000 will be the winners and

if you held on to the req ones you might

get that limbo in the future swing when

the price of a coin is moving up and

down at a rapid rate so that’s just like

in stock there are swing traders in

stock pumping a coordinated effort to

boost a coin by buying a lot of it all

at once so that happens a lot especially

with such low liquidity it gets back to

the whole whale concept where a whale

can influence the price of a coin

especially the altcoins

bearish remember 18 when the sentiment

on a coin is negative kind of like bear

markets just like in stocks right now

we’re in a bull market in stocks because

it has contingent gone out for the last

ten almost eleven years after the crash

so we all know at bearish of bullish is

so the next one is bullish when the

sentiment on a coin is positive so just

like in stocks bearish and bullish

number twenty exchange

websites that allow you to purchase and

sell crypto currencies this is like one

of the first steps that novices don’t

understand no you don’t go to your bank

even though regulations may change you

might have this ability in the future

you can’t just go to your bank and buy

Bitcoin and other altcoins like XRP

aetherium etc you have to go to this

place which is called an exchange where

you can actually buy it or you take your

fiat money your dollars and then

exchange it into the coin of your choice

fiat any currency that is issued by a

government so we all know what that is

we all learned that in our finance and

economics classes in high school in


Sophia any currency that is issued by a

government ta technical analysis I find

technical analysis in the stock market

interesting in crypto it’s very

interesting because it doesn’t follow

the same patterns of stock markets

because you know it’s so volatile but it

is interesting to watch technical

analysis in the crypto space ath you’ll

see that all the time with hash tags all

time high

you know whenever there’s people price

predicting they always say that it’ll

get to this all-time high at this point

so anyway fundamental analysis is what

FA is and then M cap market

capitalization which I don’t think makes

a lot of sense in the crypto space

because it’s more of showing their use

case then you know they’re not pry their

not publicly traded or market cap

everyone understands market cap in the

stock market this is just whatever the

coin price is at the time times how many

coins are in circulation so it’s a

little different I always think that the

better analysis of coin it’s just their

use case overall so we just want to go

over these because a lot of these terms

fly around and especially the newbies

come in the space people will hashtag

these on Twitter and it was just an

important to get this message out

because as new people come into the

space they’ll be saying what does what

does all this lingo mean so we thought

we’d go over these together and we

deeply appreciate you turn it into the

cryptocurrency portal if you’re already

subscriber thank you thank you

if you’re not a subscriber yet hopefully

we’ve earned your support and we’ve been

honored if you subscribe to the channel

so thanks again for tuning in to the

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