Kitten Token Contract Address (KTN)

Kitten Token Contract Address ($KTN)

ALERT: This Token has been reported as a SCAM “HoneyPot” token. You can buy it but you cannot sell. Please Don’t Buy!

ALERT: This Token has been reported as a SCAM “HoneyPot” token. You can buy it but you cannot sell. Please Don’t Buy!

Kitten Token Contract Address is:


Type: BEP-20 BSC Binance Smart Chain

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Transcript (autogenerated):

welcome to crypto nfgs so guys today i

want to show you

quickly a new scam in the crypto world

so basically um this guy launched um


token called titanium and

I was able to put in like um I think ten

ten dollars or something

I think I put in like ten dollars and

right now i’m

in a profit of

the ten dollars right now if I were to

check it in usd

my ten dollars is now what 135

right now good right but you

see what guys I cannot sell

you will not be able to sell see

I keep clicking on this it’s never gonna


I cannot sell I try to change the swap

of the sleep page

to even 25

and on and on it’s not gonna sell i

tried to use the trick

like by adding three zeros I still

cannot sell

you will not be able to sell now look at

let me show you a typical

thing how to afford it I you will be

able to know

scam like this usually you can tell

everything from the telegram group

i’ll show you right now so guys watch

out for

any token that is launching that follows

this process

the number one thing this guy posted

about the token

all right and note that once you join

the group you will not be able to re

you will not be able to write

you are not able to write you see

writing messages

isn’t allowed in this group guys I would

not even proceed once I see talking

in their telegram group and is about to

launch and then

allow me to write and number two they

would not give you the contract

address immediately they’ll be doing

countdown once they do countdown

then after the countdown now they give

you the token address

that ensures that you do not have the

time to read the contract

and you’re just going to blindly jump

into the market now let’s follow the

process how this guy

carries everybody along since he’s the

only one who can

we can actually write something in the

telegram group so the next message was


we will be launching our website with

700 members

okay and everybody started joining

everybody started joining

then we will be launching our website in

10 minutes or with 700

members so people still waiting people

still joining

a sneak view on nft token this

this token actually currently has no

website so all these are just um

gm gifs our team is excited to share

with you guys

our website okay at this point I think

they made a dummy website

I didn’t even check the website so now

the next message was

ico countdown 58 minutes

and then again we are replying to all

the messages please

be patient with us ico countdown 45


our dev team is working on the project

for three months and we are aiming to


blah blah blah blah blah blah blah now

look at the launch

this is a typical one now the launch it


when this thing is it was about to

launch it says we will be launching

a we will be launching a 100 fair ico in

32 minutes we’re extremely lucky

looking forward to the launch you you

they sound like it’s actually a legit

um the way they write things sometimes

but you don’t know that these are scams

we are now deploying the token on

pancake swap v2

please give us a few minutes as our pre

as our dev team is working on it

now okay and then the next message is

we will be launching soon please keep

your eyes fixed on our telegram

our address will be released in telegram

in five seconds that time you are always

you’re almost like nervous like drop

this damn address so I can buy this

stocking right

please set sleepage to sixteen percent

on bankruptcy

and now they address uh what something

was given

now everybody started buying buying

buying and all you see is

buys the money I made is still there but


still cannot sell I still cannot sell

guys this

is scam to another level

I still cannot sell no damn thing so if

you take a look at the chat it only

it only keeps going up it just keeps

going up the only thing you can do

is just buy buy buy buy people can only

buy so if you fall into this trap you

can only buy but you cannot

sell the market cap has actually stopped

at 307

or maybe if they have another victim

this is going to push the market cap

up and then it keeps going we cannot

nobody can even post nothing on ready to

even want other people from falling

victim that this is a scam

so these guys this is another

level now let’s look at it I try to look

at the contract

now look at this um look at this

um on um finance chain

there’s a there’s an actually a wallet

that has about 60

I don’t think this is this looks like a

private wallet

this is not a contract this is not a

contract address this looks like a

private wallet so

it has about 600 000 which is 60

and so this is actually why they didn’t

want to actually release the contract in

the first place so that people don’t get

to see all those things

this guy has 14 this looks like a

private wallet too five percent two

percent two percent two percent

and then when you look at the read

contract there was nothing to read

I tried to look at the contract there is

nothing to reach sorry we were unable to

locate a matching contract avI or source

code for this contract

so there was nothing to read so guys

this is

a badass camp guys this is

a news come on a new level if you have

ever found yourself in this situation

please let me know if these I mean if i

mean at some point maybe if this turns

around and you are able to still sell

please share in the comment below

because people need to know when this


apparently this is actually the first

time i’ve heard it from people

in different telegram groups but this is

the first time i’m actually going to be

testing out a token that you cannot sell

unfortunately there is no way you can

even read the contract because the way

they made it the

contract came out almost at the same

time when

you know the prices was going up so you

would want to you know

take the contract and you know trying to

forget some thank god I only used

10 bucks for this and this is a good

experiment so guys

crypto trading can be very very risky

you have to be careful use under the

money that you can afford to lose

so if you check on dex guru you would


that it has always been buy buy buy

buy buy buy buy buy people can only buy

or if you go a little bit down from the

start there was one cell a this is the

only single sale here

it sold for um

298 dollars and that was the only sell

so the and when it sold it said


is it he talked about it in the church

so he sent inside the telegram group as

you can see he said someone sold

297 which was the only cell

he took the picture which was the only

cell I can tell that he was the one that

made the sale please do not sell please


and we will moon together you know

and so right now from 600 plus

members it has now become one member so

I assume this

group has been deleted so if I should

actually move away from this group right

now I believe

I would not be able to see this group

again and that is gone

so another confirmation that this is a

scam is that

he has deleted this post

sorry this post was deleted by the

person who originally posted

it so he has deleted this post on


the post was titanium nfc token 500 plus

telegram users in group

launch in three hours coming to driven

charity talking with blah blah blah blah


so guys I can sell now I can sell now

but look at what i’ve got right now

hey if I do this in dollars i’ll

probably have um

sent right now now I can sell now

okay now let me take back to bnb

I can sell now but you see

it’s it’s nothing right now it’s nothing

so you can only sell when they’ve

already you know pulled out their money


everything is down the market cap is

gone so it’s what lies to me now I have

about four hundred and fifty four

thousand six hundred and ninety four

worthless coin that i’m just gonna keep

a sovereign yeah

and i’m just gonna use it for training


oh my god now let’s look at some things

that are happening underground

so guys he has started selling as you

can see

he sold some seven minutes ago and

another one 12 minutes ago

and um if you check this let’s see this

for instance now it sold about seven

million one two three one two three

seven million thirteen minutes ago on

the blockchain this is the

ash transaction

and then um yeah from from this um

wallet for titanium this is the contract


that you put on pancake swap to see the

interactions between the

wrapped wrapped bnb and then he used

binance peg btcb and also

finance back for eth these are the

contract address

addresses that he actually this is the

way he’s actually been moving the money

as you can see

the money is moving from different


wallets and multiple from different um

cryptos and just trying to move this

and there’s gonna be a finer finance

bnb account that is gonna drop all this

so as you can see the market cap has

dropped all the way from 300k to 99

so this is a beautiful scam and then

if you look at the oldest let’s see what


saw before if it has changed

yeah so this looks like a contract


um okay now let me let me look at the


um transactions

okay so uh if you look at the

transaction right now you would see that

okay he’s using the is he’s using

different addresses

to sell off this things he’s using

different addresses

so he has actually stockpiled this

addresses I mean this money in different


so that nobody gets to know about this

address actually

you know okay as you can see it’s been


these are the last few ones that it’s

been selling it’s been selling like

l about 124 000 at 380 ka

164k 224k 173

has been selling like l since the market

cap has actually dropped he has

withdrawn the liquidity

and I don’t think anybody can get

anything from this

so this is a pure scam titanium

scammed people found and ready

and then found on reddit and them

chaired by

fake people lunches and 15 minutes about

to drop

500 bnb into it have you read it because

if not then you’re trying to mix in a

deal great talking

who says is it scam now better check it

first it has really up

it has really the potential to fly and

these are

real people like these are real people

who have been around for a long time

it’s been here for six months

it’s been here for

like these guys have been around here

for one year

and why would they actually be

supporting things like these

publicly like this is crazy

this is great no two sure

right so guys just take it make sure you

you’re careful in crypto as you can see

crypto can be very dangerous

I see you soon