DPET Contract Address My DeFi Pet token coin

DPET Contract Address

DPET Contract Address (My Defi Pet Token $DPET)

DPET Contract Address My DeFi Pet token coin

DPET Contract Address is:


Type: BEP-20 BSC Binance Smart Chain

Poocoin Chart


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Transcript (autogenerated):

my DeFi pet takes non-fungible tokens to

the next level instead of simply having

a jpeg image that you can look at

what you have is the ability to own your

very own interactive

animated pet that you can breed trade

engage in battle and socialize with

other DeFi pets on top of that

there are seasonal competitions that

allow you to earn real world

cryptocurrency rewards

hey everyone and welcome this is robert

with altcoin buzz and in today’s video

we are taking a look at my DeFi pet

which is a lifestyle based

pet game on the blockchain so

immediately the first thing you’re

probably going to think of

when you hear about this is

cryptokitties now cryptokitties was

one of the first blockchain games

especially they got really popular that

basically allowed people to

breed and trade various types of cats

that were bred on the ethereum


DeFi pet takes this to the whole next

level because as you can see

right off the bat here these creatures

are animated they are kind of

3d generated so instead of just having a


face to look at a image you actually

have an interactive

DeFi pet now within this ecosystem you

aren’t limited to simply holding these

cards right so if we look at other

things for example if you have a crypto

punk that’s really cool

but it’s just kind of there right if you

have one of these DeFi pets you actually


functionality to it so it’s kind of like

splinter lands or alien worlds in the

fact that you own nfts

but different nfts actually allow you to

do different things within the in-game

universe so what can you do with these

DeFi heads the first option is

obviously to collect different DeFi pets

so every

new monster is born every hour and

bidding lasts for 24 hours so

every hour there’s a new monster that’s

created in the ecosystem and you have

the ability to

bid on it or you have the ability to

just simply sit there and let other

people bid on it you can breed now this

is the thing that’s going to be most


to anyone that’s perhaps participating

cryptokitties you have the ability to


new monsters out of two original parent


now this is really cool you also have

the ability to evolve your monsters give

them higher stats by using

the game’s inbuilt token which i will

talk about later when you get to


seasons and events now this is one thing

that i really like

if you’re playing this game there’s

actually season rewards for completing

certain tasks right so let’s suppose


i create 10 legendary monsters all with

maxed out stats and then i burn those

nfts right i can be eligible for a


and then of course battling trading and

socializing so this is

far beyond simply owning a owning a jpeg

image as people like to criticize nfts

these are nfts that are interactive

they are 3d as you can tell from the

animations here

and they actually have several different

features not just breeding but also the


the creation of the new monsters and the

ability to battle other monsters as well


with that being said i wanted to jump

into the white paper and give you a

little bit more detailed look at all of

those other concepts that i kind of

breezed over in the introduction so

the gameplay revolves around a core loop

of collect

breed evolve battle trading and

socializing so

the thing with me my DeFi pay is that it’s

really designed to be a complete

immersive game experience it’s not just

i can go battle my monsters it’s not

just i can go

trade my monsters it’s everything right

so you can create new monsters

you can battle new monsters you can then

level those monsters up then

once you get some really high level

really powerful monsters you can breed

those monsters to create a new monster

and the cycle

starts all over so one thing that i also

like is that this season’s

thing breaks down the game into small

short term rewards so personally i’m a

big fan of the splinterlands trading

card game

and it’s an online blockchain based game

where basically every two weeks there’s

an end of a season reward so

depending on how well you did you get an

airdrop of certain cards it’s the same

thing with this they break

the long term game into several short

seasons so that you have

always something to look forward to

you’ve always got the possibility of

earning those rewards if you don’t have

such a good season you can always look


to the next upcoming season and as part

of those season rewards they have

various prizes so the

very first season and again keep in mind

that this hasn’t launched yet this is a

little bit forward-looking but the first

season will start with

100 000 tether prize locked by the team

in the smart contract

the amount is claimable by sending and

burning the exact nfts stated in the

contract so

there’s a contract that says you’re

eligible for this prize if you burn

these nfts right so it’s kind of like a

quest but

instead of a quest in a video game where

you get absolutely nothing for

completing it

you actually get a reward here so

tentatively the prize requires 10

legendary monsters with

max level so basically you complete the

season you level up your cards you then

burn those cards and you receive

part of that prize in addition you have

the ability to

create these new monsters either through

breeding or through buying them

at an auction so there’s two different

ways of obtaining new monsters in the

game the first

is summoning a random egg by attributing

100 dpet tokens now these are obviously


native tokens of the ecosystem so you

tribute these tokens and you get a

random egg you don’t know what it what’s

in it it could be a good egg

it could be a bad egg now the other

option of doing this is that

you can buy a new monster through

auction so every 24 hours a new monster

will be basically going up for option

you have the ability to bid on that if

you choose to do so

or you can breed your own monster so

combining any two monsters will give a

new monster

that inherits its ancestors genes one

thing that’s really cool about this is

that you can

breed a pet that you own with a sire

that you own or

with a sire that you’ve been given

approval for so you can kind of again

this is kind of adding to the complexity

and the depth of the ecosystem if you

have a really good monster that you want

and you see someone else that has a

really good monster and you want to

breed them you can

combine those two monsters to create

your own monster even using those good

genes those good characteristics of a

parent monster that you don’t actually


and it does say that there is a

prepayment of a fee that’s given out to

the first caller so in order to do this

process you do have to pay a small fee


presumably will also be paid in those

dpet tokens

and one thing again that i do find

interesting is anyone can call

this function to do the birth function


the new pet will always go to the

mother’s owner so if i have the mother


and i get the sire approval from my

friend’s father monster

i’m the one that’s actually going to

receive that monster however

this fee can be paid by anyone

then once my monster has been created i

obviously have the ability to

level that monster up so each monster

has certain evolution levels and

capabilities depending on its rarity

players can level up their monster by

feeding them dpet

tokens so you have a basic monster you

level it up you give it more

dpeg tokens this is kind of like if you

remember when you were little playing

pokemon on the gameboy right and

you would level up your charmander he

could evolve into a char

charizard right so charmander charmeleon

charizard he could level up through

those different levels

but even if you didn’t actually level

him up and involve him

he would still get better stats right so

a level 15 charmander would have better

sets than a level 5 charmander

it’s kind of the same idea here where

you can have the same monster you can

level it up you can evolve it but

you can also improve its genes improve

its stats by feeding it those

dpet tokens there will be a battle

functionality now one thing that i do

have to point out and again this is

nothing against the project at all i

realize that this is something that’s

still in the early stages so

they do have a battle functionality

planned however it has not actually been

released yet and in fact they do want to

make sure that it’s tested and finalized

before adding to the white paper so

just looking at this screenshot that

they’ve given us here it does look

pretty cool it looks like something

that’s going to be a lot of fun so

hopefully they’re able to roll that out

give us a little bit more details

soon obviously as these are nfts we have

the ability for

trading them exchanging between

different players as well so one thing

that i really do like about my DeFi pet

is that it’s really focused on being

cross block chain compatible so

currently it’s on binance smart chain

and cardiac chain now

this is the really cool thing utilizing

the non-invasive interoperability from

this cardiac chain

they’re basically offering the ability

to port the game onto any other major

blockchains community such as ethereum

and polka dot and

what you can see here is they’ve got the

cardiac chain dual node technology which

allows them to easily go between a bsc

ethereum polka dot a variety of

different chains so

that’s something that’s really cool

because right now we’re seeing a lot of

competition from ethereum and

i don’t think anyone can really tell you

100 how this is going to turn out does

ethereum remain the king

does ethereum and binance smart chain

kind of become co rulers does polka dot

take over

no one really knows what the results of

this ethereum is going to be the

ethereum 2.0 so

i think any project that kind of covers

all the bases by

making sure that it’s accessible on a

variety of different chains i think that

says a lot about the forward-looking

thing of the team as well as just basic

functionality right so i might want to

operate on bsc so i have those lower


and this allows me to do that with that

being said i always do like to cover

the inbuilt token the tokenomics of the

project so in this

the native token is obviously going to

be the dpet token and

i want to call that DPET token but i’m

not sure if that’s the exam

pronunciation but it would make sense

because it’s d phi and pat so we’ll call

it the DPET token

and this is the main in-game currency

will be used for trading exchanging

improving pets and special qualities

mainly in the first phase so

the token economics we can see that it

is the in-game currency

it’s also for governance so you can vote

what new features you want to see in the

game special rewards

locking those dpet tokens for a certain

time to gain

voting power staking now this is

something pretty cool because typically

when we’re going through the white paper

we’re seeing these dpe tokens for

leveling up your monster for feeding

your monster for getting these new

random eggs but you can also become a

part of the

game by staking these dpet tokens into

pools different pools will you different

returns such as new items new eggs or


tokens so this is really cool in that

you can customize

what you want to receive as a reward so

it says there’s different pools some of

them will give us new items

some will be new eggs and some will be

different dpet tokens so

i really like this that we can kind of

tailor our staking strategy to

what we want to receive and it’s kind of

the same as an alien world right

we can customize our mining build for

whether we want to get the in-game

currency or more nft so i really like

that they’ve implemented that

i think anything you can do to give

players more choice and freedom and kind

of have that

feeling of their in control of their

game experience i think is always a good

thing and then

obviously because it is a crypto

monetized game we’re obviously going to


that play to earn functionality simply

playing can also get you dpe tokens

via mission and social mining alrighty

so that being said the next big step on

the roadmap the next kind of major event

for my DeFi pay is going to be their token

sale on april 27th now this will be an


that’s going to be on kickpad and in

order to participate in this you have to

be whitelisted now

if you want to get whitelisted i’m not

telling you should get whitelisted i’m

not saying you shouldn’t i’m not telling

you what to invest what not to invest

right i always like to be clear

it’s important for you to do your own

research however if you do like the

project if you do want to get involved

you do have the opportunity to do that

and what i’ll do is i’ll put a link to

their twitter so that you can easily

find where you need to go to do this it

will be in the description of the video

but what you can see is that you have to

sign up for this whitelist now

check this out over 209

000 total entries so far but they’ve

still got 46 hours left to go and

just take a look at this 125 whitelist

spots available so only 100 of those are

public so

if you take a look at this they’ve got

almost let’s call that

200 and 9 000 and there’s only 100

spots available so the demand is way

ahead of the supply here there’s a lot

of people that are wanting to get on in

on this

so if you want to partake in this you do

have that ability as well i will like i

said i will leave the links for this

in the description so that you can check

it out if you want to participate that

being said

the whitelist winners will be selected

upon the contest end at april 26th now

i’m gonna try to push this video out as

soon as i can so that you’ll have plenty

of time to check this out so that you


get on this whitelist if you want to do

that because again

april 26th you’ve got to be on the white

list before april 26 and then you will


that ability to participate on april


2 p.m utc last thing about this this is

not going to be available to

everyone unfortunately if you live in

the us north korea iran you are not


to join this contest so for all of those

of you in the u.s like myself sorry you

will not

be eligible for that so wrapping

everything up we’ve got my DeFi pet which

is a project that really transforms

nft’s cryptokitties takes it to the

complete next level so instead of just

having these simple kind of images on

your computer that really just sit there

and don’t do anything

you have the ability to have an

interactive kind of 3d

animated DeFi pet that not only just can

you breed but you can

engage in battle that you can trade that

you can sell that you can do

all of these different things with and

they’re really trying to build a sense

of community make this so much more

interactive than existing

DeFi so if i could give you kind of a

one sentence take away for it

it’s a blockchain based game that really

takes the power of nfts to the next

level so instead of simply having a jpeg

image that’s sitting there in your


just waiting for someone else to buy it

at a higher price what you’re seeing

with this is that you’re actually able


use these DeFi pets you actually have

these monsters that you can

trade them you can battle them you can

breed them you can socialize them with

other monsters they’re not just a

two-dimensional flat image they’re

animated they’re interactive right so

they’re designed to be fun

they’re designed to be an immersive

experience that’s so much more than

simply holding an nft card in your


not only is it designed to be fun but

they’ve also got some interesting

technical features as well such as


on that cross-chain blockchain inner

ability so

as always i hope you found this video

useful thanks for watching and i’ll see

you next time