BUSD Farmer Community Edition – Earn Up to 7% Daily ROI

BUSD Farmer Community Edition

BUSD Farmer Community Edition is a new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) crypto platform that pays out a guaranteed 5% to 7% Daily on your investment in BUSD. It is the hottest and highest paying new crypto passive income investment earning system and has already seen nearly two million dollars invested in less than 10 days of launch.

Update: The BUSD Farmer Community Edition contract has been completed. This means that the program is no longer available. This article has been left online for reference purposes.

How it Works

The way it works is that you invest a minimum of $10 in BUSD and then depending on the plan you chose, you are paid a fixed percentage ranging from 5% to 7% every day for the duration of your plan.

Note that your original investment can never be withdrawn but the daily payments can be withdrawn anytime and best of all, the total you will have received at the end of the investment period can be as high as 500% for some of the plans.

For example, on the 7% plan, if you invest $100 you will be paid $7 daily for 40 days giving a total of $280 at the end of the day. So basically your $100 turns into $240 after 40 days. You can then decide to repeat the process for another 40 days. You can even invest multiple times on the same or various plans at the same time to spread your risk (that’s what we are doing).

So if for example you decide to put in $1,000 you receive $70 daily for 40 Days which amounts to $2,800. And if you put $5,000 you will receive $350 everyday for 40 days amounting to a total of $14,000. That means you turn $5,000 into $14,000 within 40 Days!!! And if you put in $10,000 you will receive $700 every day for 40 days amounting to a total of $28,000. That’s $10,000 to $28,000 within 40 days!!!

There are other plans with higher ROI but longer duration and lower daily payout but higher total ROI. There is also a plan where you invest once and receive 5% daily forever (i.e as long as the platform exists, which could be years).

You can also get paid referral commissions in addition to your daily payment when you refer people under you. This referral commission is also paid daily and is 2% of any amount that your referral invests.

Warning: There are other similar ones like BUSD .farm, BUSD Farmer (not community edition), and BUSD Minter. All these are different from BUSD Farmer Community Edition so don’t get it mixed up.


How Safe is BUSD Farmer Community Edition? Is it Real or is it a Scam?

BUSD Farmer Community Edition is relatively safe and doesn’t look to be a scam. Due to previous events with the project, BUSD Farmer Community Edition DApp and blockchain contract is now very safe because it has undergone thorough verification and auditing by many experts and developers in the field and has been certified safe. Safe means that the contract works as is expected and there is no fear of a hack or exploit or rug pull from the devs like what happened in the original BUSD Farmer.

Note that there are other similar BUSD Farmers and so called BUSD Minters out there  but this one is different. Most of those others have a variable payout that depends on how much is invested but this BUSD Farmer Community Edition is written in such a way that payments are fixed irrespective of how much is in the contract and as long as there is money in the contract, payments will go on. Although payments are slightly lower than the Minters, this Farmer is expected to last longer and pay more down the line unlike the others where the payouts reduce drastically over time.


How to Join BUSD Farmer Community Edition:

If you already know what BUSD Farmer Community Edition is then you should join with our link so that you will become a member of our team and we can assist you if you need any help with the process.

The link to join is: https://cryptomugu.com/busdfarmerce

Note that the link above will redirect you to the the BUSD Farmer website through our referral link

Some things to note:

When you get to the website, connect your wallet (Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet like Metamask or Trustwallet). If you are using Trustwallet on mobile, to access the site, click on DApps near the bottom of the app and then enter the link in the space for URL near the top of the page that opens. This process is similar for most other BSC-enabled wallets.

Note also that you must already have some BUSD in your wallet and a little BNB, like $10 to cover for gas fees (transaction fees), You can exchange BNB for BUSD on Pancakeswap or Apeswap.

If you use Binance, you can buy BNB on Binance, withdraw/send it to Metamask or Trustwallet (as BEP-20 smart chain) and use it to buy some BUSD on Pancakeswap. Or you could just buy BUSD on Binance and send it to your Metamask or Trustwallet via BEP-20 Smart chain. This should work for most exchanges too.

Here are the steps:

STEP 1:  To join, visit the link => Our link is: https://cryptomugu.com/busdfarmerce

STEP 2. Connect your wallet. If you are on Trustwallet on Mobile, just visit the link above through the DApp browser and no need to connect the wallet, just make sure you are on Binance Smart Chain.

STEP 3: After connecting your wallet, locate the section that says Contract with a button below it that says approve. This is where you approve the contract to deduct your deposit. Delete the default numbers already in the box and enter the amount you want to invest (minimum $10, no maximum) then click on Approve and then Confirm the transaction (see below image).

STEP 4: Next scroll to the section that displays the various plans. The most popular one is Plan 2 which is 7% being paid to you every day for a total of 40 days, which gives a total ROI of 280%. This plan seems to be the best because you can just repeat it every 40 days. You can even do multiple investments at the same time.

STEP 5: When you decide upon the plan you want to join, enter the amount in the given box and then click Invest. Confirm the transaction with your wallet and that’s it!

STEP 6: To withdraw, all you have to do is go to the section on Withdraw and you will see how much is available for you to withdraw. Click on withdraw, approve the transaction and you’re done. Although you can withdraw anytime, it’s not advisable to do that several times a day unless you are withdrawing a large sum.

The reason for this is that each withdrawal requires you to pay the gas fees (transaction fees) so if you are withdrawing less than a dollar or 2, it may not be a wise thing to do repeatedly because most of it will just be going to the transaction fees. However if you have a higher sum like $5 and above to withdraw, then the transaction fee becomes negligible.

Our join link is: https://cryptomugu.com/busdfarmerce

Visit the link above to invest today and start reaping massive daily rewards.


FTM Farmer

There is also a version for FTM (Fantom) which pays up to 4% daily in Fantom. It works in similar ways but you have to be on the Fantom Chain. (You can add Fantom chain to metamask or trustwallet, just google how to do it.)

You can join the Fantom Farmer under our team here => https://cryptomugu.com/ftmfarmer


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Financial Disclaimer:

The information on this page is not and should not be taken as financial advise. Please do you own research about BUSD Farmer Community Edition before investing. Crypto investments of this nature are of higher risk than most other investments and although the gains can be massive, it is not advisable invest with borrowed money or with money you can’t afford to lose.