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Why Advertize With Us?

Our website gets hundreds of crypto related visitors daily from all over the world.

You can advertize your crypto project cheaply and reach all these visitors in our ongoing prize slash promo.

You can advertize your banner or sponsored post.

Advertizing Types and Costs

There are two formats available:

  1. Banner Ad (300 x 200 Pixels): US$25 Per Day or US$100 Per Week
  2. Sponsored Post: US$120  Per Post

Sponsored posts have no time limit and will remain on the website for as long as it exists. They must also be made up of unique and original content.

Note that these prices are for a limited time only and will soon be increased. Always check this page to get the current cost of adverts before proceeding to pay.

How to Order

Due to high demand, your order must be made at least 5 days before you want it to start running.

To order, pay the relevant amount in BUSD, USDC, USDT or BNB Tokens to the wallet address below using Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You may also send the equivalent in MATIC via Polygon chain or FTM via Fantom Chain. The wallet address to pay to is:


After paying please send an email to [email protected] with subject “Crypto Ad Payment” and provide the following details:

1. Amount Paid:
2. Chain Used (BSC or Fantom or Polygon):
3. Date Paid:
4. The wallet address you paid FROM
5. Transaction Hash or ID
6. What you are paying for: (Banner Ad or Sponsored Post)
7. Any additional information or comments

In addition:

– For banner ad, also attach the banner in jpg, png or gif format, 300px x 200px.
– For sponsored posts, attach the post as an MSword .doc or .docx file or provide a link to a Google Docs file.

When Will Your Advert be Posted?

You may specify a date to start running the ads. The date must be more than 5 days after your payment. If no date is specified, your advert will be posted 5 days after payment. Depending on the demand, adverts without specific dates may be published earlier than 5 days after payment.

Got Questions?

For enquiries please send us an email on [email protected]