9 Useful Parenting Tips for Homeschooling Your Kids

Once again, all schools, universities and educational institutions are closed as a result of the lockdown. Homeschooling is back in fashion – that is, independent learning from home. For many families this is a great test of endurance.

Even during regular school operations, most parents nowadays have little time to study with their children. And now all of a sudden all of the subject matter has to be done from home. How is that supposed to work? Here are 9 useful homeschooling tips you might find useful


Get the right equipment – the basic equipment for homeschooling

Communication is the main focus of homeschooling. How can students participate in distance learning so that there are no information gaps and communication with classmates and teachers is ensured? In order to learn productively from home and to be able to access the respective online learning platforms, the following equipment is required:

A reliable internet connection
A computer , notebook or tablet
A webcam (or the computer’s cam) and a microphone (either built into the computer or in the form of a headset ) for video conferences
An ergonomic chair
An ergonomic table with enough space and storage space for documents and aids

A firm, ergonomic and quiet workplace creates a productive working atmosphere and is a basic requirement for learning within your own four walls. Distraction factors such as the smartphone should at best be taboo during study times.


When the WLAN network reaches its load limits

If the parents work in the home office and the children are learning digitally at home at the same time, the high volume of data can quickly overload the home WiFi. Especially when several video conferences are being held at the same time. In this case, you should either upgrade the DSL tariff at the provider or switch to a more modern router . In houses or large apartments, WiFi repeaters or mesh WiFi routers can also be used to enable a stable data connection to the children’s room.


Good self-organization enables productive learning

This self-organization begins with the parents, because first of all they should plan their daily routine taking into account the current situation before they make this claim on their children. Once you have structured your own daily routine, you can take care of that of your children. It is advisable that you deal with the following points:

What is the timetable like?
What are the tasks?
Are all learning materials available?
Do you have learning difficulties?


A structured daily routine is of particular importance for family coexistence

Since there are not always fixed attendance times in homeschooling, it is particularly important that the offspring do not sleep in forever, but continue to orientate themselves to the familiar school rhythm. So get up at the same time every day – just like in normal school operations. Fixed rituals such as having breakfast together and defined break times can be helpful here. After breakfast, you can briefly discuss which tasks are due and whether help is needed.


Parents are not teachers, they are learning guides

The subject matter is becoming increasingly complex, especially in higher grades. Hats off to parents who have answers to all of their questions. However, it is perfectly normal when this is not always the case. Instead of getting even more stressed and thinking that in addition to your own work you now have to take into account all of your children’s learning material, it is better to be an attentive learning companion and coordinator. That means, helps your child to structure the school day and contributes to motivation. Because no child likes to learn with stressed parents. It is important that you find out in which subjects there are problems – if necessary, get in touch with the respective teacher.


Ensure balance

Very important for the whole family: the balance to home office and homeschooling. Especially now, when neither physical education nor club sports take place. It is therefore important that the family independently organize this kind of work compensation. Because spending the entire day in the apartment is no good for anyone. So get out into the fresh air! A walk together or a little sporting activity can sometimes work miracles and reduce stress.


Avoid social isolation

Social isolation is also a big issue in the home office for many employees. Support and encourage your children to stay in touch with their friends despite the contact restrictions and plan joint, face-to-face meetings. Since a group meeting is unfortunately currently not possible due to the contact restrictions, video meetings can also be organized in which several friends can participate at the same time. So give your child enough time to cultivate friendships digitally as well as the necessary privacy, which is especially important for young people.


Maintain close contact with school and teachers

In homeschooling in particular, it is particularly important that you keep all appointments (parenting meetings, digital parents’ evenings, information events, etc.) and that you take the initiative yourself if you have problems.

So if you are unsure about some things, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school. In many cases, a short email is enough to clear up any ambiguities. If not, a personal phone call can certainly be arranged.


Safe surfing for children

Depending on the age of the children, parental controls and the blocking of inappropriate websites are mandatory. Windows 10, for example, offers a solution called “Microsoft Family”. Instead of the normal Google search, special children’s search engines can also be used